10 Graines Érable cannelle, Acer griseum

10 Graines Érable cannelle, Acer griseum

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Cinnamon maple, bark with gray Acer paper |

Papierbark maple (Acer Griseum), also called Cinnamon maple or with cinnamon bark, is a species ofMaple belonging to the section TRIFOLIATA of Classification of erabLes.

10 seeds Average germination: 20%

It is a medium -sized tree (5 to 10 M), slowly growing. The diameter of the trunk can reach 70 CM.

Thebark is soft to the touch, of a brilliant orange red. It is made up of layers with the texture and the thickness of the paper and stands out on the trunk and on all the twigs of two to three years of age.

The leaves are composed ; the Petiole Measurement of 2 to 4 CM ; Each of the three Leaflets is 3 to 10 long CM and 2 to 6 wide CM ; The lace is marked.

The fruits are Samares. The two seeds measure approximately 1 CM and the two wings about 3 CM.

The buds appear in mid-May, depending on the region, and are pink. The first leaves are also pink, then tinged with light green, to rush later. In autumn, the leaves go from yellow to orange and create a superb spectacle, the brown bark coming out in this amalgam of shades.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Maple with paper bark by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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