20 Graines Mûrier blanc, Mulberry, Morus alba

20 Graines Mûrier blanc, Mulberry, Morus alba

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White mulberry, common mulberry, Mulberry, Morus Alba |

White mulberry, common mulberry, Morus alba.

20 seeds - Average germination: 50%

The white mulberry is a monoic tree up to 30 meters high. It owes its name more to the color of its buds than in the color of its fruits. Like all Moraceae, the white mulberry produced from Latex.

Its leafy deciduous, alternate, most often of acuminate oval shape measure 5 at 12 CM and can have fairly distinct forms even if they come from the same tree. Their Petiole is Cannelé and provided with stipules. They are glabrous on both sides, light green and irregularly toothed on the edges.

The flowers males are brought together in CHATELONS cylindrical, the females in sub -splorary kittens; Once fertilized, the latter are transformed into a group of white, pink or purple fruits, called ripe.

Its fruits in SynCarpe sweet, edible, can be of different colors.

It grows quickly in its first years and then has a rather slow growth.

The mulberry loves the sun but is rustic until USDA zone 4. It supports Drought and the Wind but not maritime exhibitions.

It supports the size.

Unlike the red and black mulberry trees, the white mulberry is multiplied well by cutting on tender wood.

Its roots that are both swiveling and tracing are fragile and it does not appreciate transplantation.

An experimentation of the Ariège Chamber of Agriculture4 consists in leading it as a meadowns, in very short rotation (2 pastures per year), concretizing hypotheses issued by many farmers and agronomists.

Differences between white and black mulberry

Although some sources indicate that the white mulberry produces white fruits and the black mulberry of black fruits, it is more or less true. The black mulberry always wears dark or black purple fruits. On the other hand, depending on the varieties, the white mulberry carries white, yellow, rosé, purple or black fruits.

  • The white mulberry fruit presents a peduncle long (sometimes the length of the fruit) while the black mulberry has, so to speak, a peduncle, or a very short peduncle.
  • The fruit of the white mulberry is gentle before maturity, while at the same stage that of the black mulberry is very acidic. Complete maturity, that of the white mulberry is quite bland and very sweet, that of the black mulberry is sweet and slightly tangy.
  • The flavor of black mulberry fruit appeals to almost all the general public. The fruits of the white mulberry are generally little estimated in France, but those of the cultivars selected for their fruits have a high taste value. They are very appreciated in the countries which cultivate them, in Middle East (Iran, Syrie, Lebanon, Israel) NOTEMAMEnt.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article White Mulberry of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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