10 Graines Buisson de beauté, Kolkwitzia amabilis

10 Graines Buisson de beauté, Kolkwitzia amabilis

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Beauty bush, Linnaea Amabilis, Kolkwitzia Amabilis |

Linnaea Amabilis (Synonym Kolkwitzia Amabilis), Kolkwitzia delightful or Buisson de Beauté3, is a species of Plants with flowers of Family of Caprifoliaceae and Genre Linnaea. It is a shrub to flowers roses endemic of china, cultivated forornament.

10 Seeds - direct sowing at 18/20 ° C - Rusticity: - 30 ° C, drought resistant

The species is described first by the German botanist Paul GRAEBNER in 1901, which considers it the only species of the genus Kolkwitzia under Basionme Kolkwitzia Amabilis (Amabilis means " Aimable "). The Briton Maarten J.M. Christenhusz, in 20134, moves the species in gender Linnaea under the Correct Name Linnaea Amabilis1,2, by merging genres Abelia, Diabelia, Dipelta, Kolkwitzia, Linneusia, Obolaria and Vesalea4.

This pink flower shrub is commonly cultivated in China, and sometimes in Europe and North America. Three cultivars 'Pink Cloud', 'Rosea' and 'Dream Catcher' are sometimes observed in the North American and European gardens. They are distinguished by darker and reddish flowers as well as by the fall color of their leaves ; They are all selections of the original collection E. H. Wilson 25002.

The species seems to be much more widespread in the wild than we thought before. Several collections are in protected areas. The size of the population is estimated at around 2 500 Individuals. Threats could include overgrazing, the Deforestation, the fires and themining. The species is listed as unusual and as a level 3 -level protected level 3 according to the Chinese conservation program (species of a certain scientific and economic importance)2.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Linnaea Amabilis by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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