20 Graines Genêt à balais jaune, Cytisus scoparius

20 Graines Genêt à balais jaune, Cytisus scoparius

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Yellow broom broom, Cytisus scoparius |

The Balais Genêt (Cytisus Scoparius) is a species of shrubs to Caduc foliage of the family of Fabaceae Originally from the northwest ofEurope. It has been used for a long time by letting it dry to make them broom.

20 Seeds - Stratification with hot water 90 ° C 5 seconds, then pour cold water, Let the seeds soak in the water 24 hours before sowing.

Formerly, Cytisus scoparius was considered as a Magic Plant associated with Black MagicAccording to Prosper Mérimée, “ If the witches could not go on a broom of birch, there was Nothing could be easier than getting on a broom of broom and going to the end of the world ”.

The broom broom is a low longevity species (10-15 years) which reaches a height of 1 to 3 M, rarely 4 M. Calcifuge and fairly demanding about soil fertility, it colonizes soils without protective or competitive vegetation, which allows the young plant to adapt its physiology to discovered spaces, resulting in a deeply swivel rooting which ensures irrigation and Better wind resistance1.

The main branches have a diameter up to 5 to 10 CM. It is a very branched shrub with colonnial port, with angular green stems, with small leaf deciduous, simple and lanceolate or composed and trifoliolated, measuring from 5 to 15 MM long. The upper leaves are almost sessile and reduced to a leaflet. This heterophyllie is related to the foliar evolution of the fabaceae which led, from alternate leaves, stipulated and originally Imparipennés, to a reduction to a reduction to a reduction to a reduction leaflet in this species2.

The plant contains amines (tyramine, dopamine), des flavonoids (Génitoside, Spiracoside and Scoparoside, among others) and alkaloids. Among the alkaloids (about twenty in all) we will cite the Spartaine, majority in the branches, and the Lupanine majority in the seeds, but also theAmmodendrine andHydroxylupanine.

Traditionally we used the flower as Diuretics and for the treatment of circulatory disorders (the presence of flavonoids explains this use). The branches are harvested to extract the sparten for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. This alkaloid has different pharmacological properties : it has a regulatory effect on heartbeat (in fact, it subtracts the heart from the influence of the autonomous nervous system), it is therefore indicated for treatment of theCardiac Erethism. By its activity oxytocic (it increases the contractions of theuterus) it can be used, in injectable form, to trigger a delivery (it is potentially abortive… therefore against indicated in case of pregnancy).

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Genêt à Balais by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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