30 Graines Rose trémière, Althaea rosea, primerose mélange

30 Graines Rose trémière, Althaea rosea, primerose mélange

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Hijar pink, alcea rosea, althaea rosea, primeurose mixture | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Homemade pink mixture of red color (var. Chatter's), white, black, pink, plants that attract bees.

30 seeds

Alcea rosea, althaea rosea, hoch rose, passe-rose, or even Primerose is a species of perennial plants of the family of malvaceae. It is also sometimes called pink papal or Alcée Rose. All parts of the plant are edible and some (flower in particular) have medicinal uses (since antiquity).

It is a typical plant of country gardens, although few species are perennial (most are biennial). Fast growth plants, they are generally classified in the category of herbaceous perennials due to their large size, up to a height of 1.5 to 2.5 M, or even 3.5 M1 and more in certain regions.

From an erect port, not very branched, the plant has a foliage Caduc, The leaves Orbicular and Palmatilobae with 5 to 7 lobes, their base is cordiform, their pubescent peduncle and their crenellated margins. Light green rod is pubescent2. The Oléoplasts contain in large quantityRicinoleic acid3.

Inflorescence is a cluster Spiciform and Terminale4. The flowering basifuge from the end of spring at thewas, or even until the beginning of theAutumn, Allows a long flowering of each foot. The very large flowers (petals of 3-5 cm, up to 12 CM when they are open) have the appearance of large pompoms or in simple corollas with very varied hues : White or Yellow, pink, purple, purple, orange ... rich in nuances.

There are even varieties Nigra (black, in fact purple very dark due to a high concentration ofAnthocyana). The more dark, the more they contain pigments and tannins, and have more medicinal properties5. The Calicule is formed from 6 to 9 BRACTEOLS involucrals Hairy6. The staminal tube, characteristic of the Malvaceae, has 5 marked angles. The fruits are made up of a verticille of 15 to 20 Akenes marked (the Méricarpes), on the back, of a deep furrow bordered by 2 wings7.

Like all Malvaceae, this species is edible25.

The very tender, mucilaginous leaves are edible raw, like young shoots, or cooked like vegetable plants. The plant is sometimes still cultivated as a vegetable in Egypt. The floral buttons and flowers, also edible, are consumed in salads but also in herbal tea, from dried petals26. The flower contains pectinic substances identified in 200727.

The petals ofAlcea Rosea Nigra were once used to color herbal teas and frauds wines (cut with dyed wines obtained with hopper rose)28.

You can getstarch from the crushed root and washed with water.

This plant has several interesting medicinal properties29 of which have been known since Antiquity : Pliny the old, in the first century, said of it : " Whoever takes a spoon of Mauve will be exempt from all the diseases that could come to him ". His mucilages are deemed to make a softener and emollient calming certain irritations30;

Traditionally the trustee rose was considered to have medicinal virtues similar to those of the officinal marshmallow (perhaps less important) : softening, emollient and antigular, and diuretic action.
Its flowers are in various dried countries to be used as an infusion, deemed to treat coughing, rolling, bronchitis, and calming stomach pain. In Clalyre She would calm her eyes irritated30. In India, Alcea Roses L. flowers (sold under the trade name "Gulkhairo") are used for their expectorants, refreshing and diuretics, especially in many mixtures intended to treat cough

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