30 Graines Myrte de Tarente, Myrtus Tarentina

30 Graines Myrte de Tarente, Myrtus Tarentina

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Tarantine myrtle, Tarentina myrtus |

Tarantine myrtle, Tarentina myrtus.

30 seeds - Average germination: 40%

The common myrte, sometimes called Jewish myrte or grass du lagui (myrtus communis), is a species D 'shrub of the family of Myrtaceae. Buisson at the port erected in his youth, he stops with age. Originally from Mediterranean region, it can reach 300 years.

In Antiquity, its white flowers symbolized virginal grace and in Rome crowns adorned young girls or the bride and groom1. It was appreciated in biblical times for its perfume.

The berries are stomachic, stimulating and astringent and were widely used as a spice before the arrival of pepper. They were used to flavor the sausages. The Italian diminutive "Mortadella" comes from it. In Corsica sausages are flavored with myrtle1.

The berries are also used in Corsica and in Sardinia to produce a regional digestive liquor, the myrtle liqueur.

An infusion of leaves serves, in external use, to cure injury and ulcers or, in internal use, to treat digestive and urinary disorders[réf. nécessaire].

The essential oil, antiseptic and expectorant contains cineol4 and myrtenol. It is used in the event of respiratory diseases5.

Eau de toilette has been used under the names of Angel Water6 or Water of myrtle.

It is also used as an ornamental shrub1.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Myrtus Communis by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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