50 Graines Moutarde blanche sénevé, sanve, Sinapis alba

50 Graines Moutarde blanche sénevé, sanve, Sinapis alba

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White mustard, Senevé, Sanve, Sinapis Alba | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

White mustard is a green fertilizer which is an annual plant of the Brassicaceae family. It has a long history in European agriculture, but has also been used for medical purposes, as well as other purposes such as flavoring of food.

50 seeds

White mustard (Sinapis Alba), Sénevé or Sanve is an annual plant of the family of Brassicaceae, cultivated for its seeds used for the preparation of Condiments.

It is a herbaceous plant annual from 50 to 80 CM high, with fairly branched stems. Rapid growth, it can mature in just a month.

The leaves Pennatipartites are very deeply divided, except those of the upper part of the stems, with more or less rounded lobes.

The flowers, at Petals yellow, sometimes white, flourish all summer, from May to September by spreading a sweet perfume.

The fruit is a Silica bumpy, bristling with hairs, containing 4 to 8 seeds. The spout is clearly flattened in saber blade and is a little longer than the valves (unlike Sinapis Arvensis with a shorter spout). At maturity, the seeds are 1 to 2 MM and are white-yellowish, beige.

White mustard grows all year round. Winter suits her well because she doesn't like the sun very much.

The seeds are rich in Lipids (approximately 35 %) and produce an oil for industrial or food use. They are the basis of the preparation of the Condiment which bears the same name, the Moutarde.

White mustard is also a fodder plant and a Meliferous plant.

It is sometimes sown like Green fertilizer or " Nitrates trap ", that is to say inter-lap culture avoiding leaving the fields to limit the leaching of soluble nitrates. In this case, sown for example after a cereal , it must be destroyed before the rise in seeds to prevent it from being rejected naturally and becomes a weed, especially in cultures of rapeseed.

It is also useful for killing the nematodes. In addition, its powerful root makes it possible to break the clods ofclay of a very heavy soil, and thus to facilitate the incorporation ofHumus and soil improvement.

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