20 Graines Cytise blanc, Cytisus multiflorus

20 Graines Cytise blanc, Cytisus multiflorus

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White cytise, multiflorus cytisus |

Cytisus Multiflorus, of name cytise white1, is a species of the plant of the family of the fabaceae and the Genre Cytisus.

20 seeds

Cytisus Multiflorus is a shrub reaching 1.5 M high, with a broom -shaped range of many flexible branches with five angles. The leaves appear mainly on the lower branches, each composed of three leaflets. Some leaves grow on the upper branches ; These are generally made up of a single leaflet. Each leaflet measures less than a centimeter long and can be linear to oblong and covered with mild silver hairs. The white flower, similar to a pea, measures up to 1 CM long and is often marked with dark pink drag near the base. Fruit is a hairy legume pod of up to 3 CM long. The pods blacken with age and dehiscent explosively to release their four to six seeds far from the mother plant.

Cytisus Multiflorus is a species introduced on other continents, especially in Australia and North America, where it is considered to be poor in agricultural land and an invasive species in natural habitats. It was introduced for the first time as an ornamental shrub for its prolific white flowers. It is still sometimes cultivated and sold for landscaping purposes despite its status as a harmful plant4. It eliminates herbaceous and woody species.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Cytisus Multiflorus by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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