15 Graines Bambou sacré, Nandina Domestica

15 Graines Bambou sacré, Nandina Domestica

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Sacred bamboo, Nandina Domestica |

The Sacred Bambou (Nandina Domestica) is a kind of shrub plants from family of Berberidaceae. This is the only species currently accepted in Genre Nandina.

It is also called " celestial bamboo ", " marvelous bamboo ", " bamboo of bliss " or " nandine domestic .

These are shrubs fromAsia from the East,Himalaya and Japan. The name of gender comes from the Japanese  Nanten (南天?) which designates these plants in Japan. The name of " Celestial Bamboo " is a layer of the Chinese name of the plant (天竹, Tiān Zhú). Despite this name, it has nothing to do with the Bambous .

15 seeds - Average germination: 50% 

Nandina Domestica is a kind of slow growth shrubs measuring up to 2 M high. A erect port, it is made up of numerous unarmated stems emanating directly from the roots, a structure which recalls that of bamboo. The bark of its trunk quickly takes on an elderly appearance.

It is generally a species Dioic but plants Hermaphrodites exist.

The leaves are persistent (sometimes obsolete in cold areas), 50-100 CM long, bi in tri-pennées, with leaflets of 4- 11 CM Long and 1.5-3 CM wide. In the spring, young leaves are bright pink to red colors before turning green ; The old leaves go red or purple again before falling.

The flowers are white in color, they appear at the beginning of summer in conical clusters above the foliage.

The fruit is a Bay bright red from 5 to 10 MM in mature diameter at the end of autumn and often persistent in winter.

This ornamental plant can be confused in particular with another shrub with winter red berries, the Baie Corail (Ardisia Crenata), but the careful examination of the foliage and flowers easily makes it possible to differentiate these two species.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Nandina Domestica from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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