50 Graines Herbe de grâce, Rue officinale, Rue des jardins

50 Graines Herbe de grâce, Rue officinale, Rue des jardins

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Grace grass, rue officinale, rue des Jardins |

Rue Officinale or Rue des Jardins or Rue Fétide (Ruta Graveolens L., literally " Street with strong odor ", Du Latin Gravis," Lourd ", and Olor," Odor "1) is a kind of sub-armor of the Rutaceae family , cultivated for its Leaves used for their aromatic and medicinal qualities.

50 seeds 

Common names : grass of grace, peganion, domestic street, rue officinale2, rue des Jardins, rue des Jardiniers, grass de la Rue, rue Fétide, rue Odoran.

In other languages  : German : Weinraute ; English : Common Rue ; Spanish : Ruda ; Italian : RUTA.

It is a sub-armrisseau of 70 CM at 100 CM Above, very branched and woody at the base. Its glaucous green leaves, semi-persistent, are alternate, Pennatized (often trilobed) and somewhat fleshy consistency. Its flowers are small, greenish yellow, and grouped in Corymbe.

The plant gives off a strong and penetrating odor with a background recalling the Coco, often perceived as unpleasant, and has a bitter taste.

The fertilization of the big Pistil stocks by the stamens around it, has a double curiosity. The stamens are one after the other in a well characterized order : one on two cheese is successively straightening up the stigma of the pistil, each stamina (except the first) hitting the one who preceded and putting it back in place ; Let us call these "odd" stamens (1.3,5,7, etc.). When the "unclean" stamens have done the Tour du Pistil, the "pairs" stamens start the same tour. The stamens are thus mue by a rapid shortening of the inner side of their net (their peduncle), net composed of large cells containing water and tannins in fairly large quantity and operating in the same way as the Pulvinus of the Mimosa Pudique3.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Ruta Graveolens by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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