10 Graines Aronie à fruits noirs, Aronia melanocarpa

10 Graines Aronie à fruits noirs, Aronia melanocarpa

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Arony with black fruit, black sorbier, Aronia Melanocarpa |

Aronia Melanocarpa, known under different Vernacular Names such as ARONIE, Aronia à Noirs, Black Aronie and Black Gueule, is a kind of plants from the family of Rosaceae native ofis of theNorth America that is found in Canada Until the center of United States, from Newfoundland toOntario and Minnesota toOuest, in South up toArkansas,Alabama and Georgia. This Plant was introduced and cultivated in Europe. It is a shrub in Foliage Dark green lustrous which takes a red coloring atAutomne; It grows well in Sun and in mid-shade in the form of tles by stems which rise Racines, its Flowers In Corymbes are white or pink, they appear at the end of Spring and produce Black fruit in September. Some Birds consume Bays.

 10 seeds - height from 1 to 1.50 m - rustic up to -20 ° C 

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Aronia Melanocarpa by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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