10 Graines Faux ébénier, Laburnum anagyroides

10 Graines Faux ébénier, Laburnum anagyroides

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False cabinet, Laburnum anagyroides, common cytise |

The Cytise Faux Cubs, also called clusters cytise, Cytise Aubour or Faux Ébénier (Laburnum Anagyroides), is a kind of small Caduque leafy tree of the family of Fabaceae from Mediterranean regions andCentral Europe. It owes its name " false cabinet " to its very hard wood and very dark brown in color.

10 Seeds Average germination: 70%

It is a tree with bark smooth, brown and with fluffy branches which can measure up to 8 m high as wide[réf. nécessaire]. He appreciates full sun.

SES Leaves Caduques 4 to 8 cm long[réf. nécessaire] has imparipenées compounds composed of 3 leaflets oval and a long Petiole.

The flowers, in pendant clusters 10 to 20 cm long[réf. nécessaire], are bright yellow in color with red punctuations. Flowering takes place in May-June months.

The fruit are blackishly maturity pods .

Cytise is mainly planted as ornamental plant [Où ?]in parks and gardens. However, he naturalized in France here and there in hot draining soil areas.

His wood is very popular with cabinetmaking.

Cytise is a melliferous plant.

We know at least since the XIXe century that cytisises can cause animal poisonings (for example in horses2, sheep or cattle which then present in particular symptoms of Myopathy)3 or Humans4.
All parts of this plant are toxic to very toxic : in particular, the ingestion of fruit can be fatal5.

Like the Genêt of Spain, this plant contains alkaloids, including the Cytisine which links to the same receptors as those of the nicotine 6 has an action similar to that of this compound mainly from the tobacco plant (nicotinic poisoning)7,8,9.
Its seeds also contain other alkaloids in the group of Quinolizidines -Particularly Spartaine, Hydroxyncytisin (3-Hydroxy-11-Nocytisine)10 and the LUPININE which have on the nervous system an action ganglinegic, antagonist ofacetylcholine11. There is a seasonality in the toxicity of the plant. The rate of Quinolizidines is the highest in the vegetative parts at the start of the season, then it is the highest in the flowers, then in the fruit12.

The poison can be kept on several trophic levels, for example in the plant, then in an caterpillar or the  aub  which parasites these caterpillars12. It has been tested for its Larvicides effects on mosquitoes (but is toxic to many other species)13. In the presence ofpolluted air, endotoxin production can be increased 14.

Antidotes have been sought via experiments on the laboratory mouse

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article LABURNUM ANAGYROIDES by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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