30 Graines Coronille bigarrée, Securigera varia

30 Graines Coronille bigarrée, Securigera varia

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Bigarry coronille, changing coronille, Securigera Varia |

Securigera Varia, La Coronille Bigarrée or Coronille changing, is a species of Plants of the family of Fabaceae, Subfamille of Faboideae, originally fromEurope andAsia Temperate. These are Perennial herbaceous plants can reach 60 cm high. The bigarry coronille was used in traditional medicine for its cardiotonic and diuretic properties and to treat prostate diseases. However, It was necessary to use it with great precautions because of its toxicity1.

30 seeds - direct sowing at 20 ° C

The plant has been introduced in many countries, especially in the United States, where it is used for various purposes : Orneal plant, Cover plant, Green fertilizer, soil improvement and fight against erosion, Fourragère plant (despite its toxicity especially for non-Ruminants). It turned out to be an invasive plant in certain regions2.

  • The Generic Name, Securigera, derives from a term Latin, Securiger, Gera, -Gerum (Hache carrier), in Reference to the shape of the fruit3.
  • TheSpecific epithet, Varia, Latin adjective (Varius, -a, -um) meaning " varied, nuanced, Bigarré ... [ »Referring to flowers in multiple colors4.

Securigera Varia is a herbaceous plant Perennial, essentially glabrous, which normally grows at a height of about 60 cm or more in flowering, or even only 30 cm in the vegetative state. The plant has a root system type swivel, deep and very branched It also produces strong Rhizomes File which can reach 3 meters long or more. The stems, coarse, relatively low and strongly branched come from a short and branched caudex . Devoid of spins, creeping or straightened, the stems can reach 2 meters long. The plant often appears in the form of a thick rod of stems5.

The leaves, dark green in color, 4 to 16 cm long, are composed imparipen, generally with 7 to 25 leaflets. These are generally oblong, elliptical in Obovale, and measure from 1 to 3 cm long. In winter, the basal and sometimes higher leaves remain green6,7,5.

The Flowers, Hermaphrodites, are grouped in Ombels simple composed of 6 to 25 flowers and carried by a long peduncle. They have a Corolle type Papilionacea from 10 to 12 mm long, in color varying white-dowel with dark pink and have 10 stamens.

The fruit are mince , linear, segmented (losses), pointed, grouped in umbels. The pods can reach 6 cm long and count up to 12 segments each containing a single seed. They are dehiscent when they are dry. The seeds are cylindrical and measure 3 to 4 mm by 1 to 1.2 mm6,7,5.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Coronille Bigarrée by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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