50 Graines Rince-bouteille rouge, Callistemon citrinus

50 Graines Rince-bouteille rouge, Callistemon citrinus

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Ring rinse-Bouteille, Callistemon Citrinus |

Ring rinse-Bouteille, Callistemon Citrinus

50 seeds - Average germination: 10% in 20 to 30 days

Melaleuca Citrina, (Synonym Callistemon Citrinus) commonly named Fleur-Goupillon1, Rince-Bouteilles1 or Rinse-Bouteille2, is a species of plants from family of Myrtaceae, Endemic of New South Wales and Victoria in Australia3. Some herbaries, from all countries, still uses the name of Callistemon Citrinus4. Or Callistemon Lanceolatus which is an older name5. It is a resistant and adaptable species, common in its natural habitat. It is widely cultivated, not only in Australia, where it is often known as the Callistemon Citrinus. It was one of the first Australian plants cultivated outside the country, having been brought to England in 1770 by Joseph Banks. Its peaks showing red flowers, present most of the year in an ideal situation, explain its popularity.

Melaleuca Citrina is a shrub that can reach 20 m in height, but more generally in the range of 1 to 3 m high and wide. It has a hard, fibrous bark or on paper and its young growth is generally covered with soft and silky hairs. Its leaves are arranged alternately and are 26 to 99 mm in length, from 4 to 25 mm width, hard, flat, narrow -shaped egg with the narrowest end near the base and with a pointed end but not acute. There are between 7 and 26 clearly visible ramification veins on both sides of the leaves and a large number of separate oil glands visible on the two surfaces of the leaves6,7.

The flowers are red and arranged in ears at the ends of the branches which continue to grow after flowering and sometimes also at the upper armpits of the sheet. The ears are between 45 and 70 mm in diameter and between 60 and 100 mm long with up to 80 individual flowers. The petals are 3.9 to 5.8 mm long and fall as soon as the flower ages. There are between 30 and 45 stamens in each flower, with red cheese filaments, the anthers are purple. Flowering takes place in most months of the year, but mainly in November and December. Flowering is followed by fruits which are Cube - shaped, 4.4 to 7 mm long and about 7 mm wide in cylindrical clusters along the rod. The fruit capsules remain open until the plant, or the part that brings them to die6,7.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Melaleuca Citrina by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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