50 Graines Absinthe Artemesia absinthium

50 Graines Absinthe Artemesia absinthium

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Absinthe, Artemesia absinthium | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Absinthe is a perennial bushy plant with a woody strain from Europe, northern and central Asia and North Africa, also called the great absinthe to distinguish it from a neighboring species, Artemisia, belongs to the sagebow that includes a large number of native species. Also known by the names of grass to verses, holy grass or officinal sagebrush. This plant with persistent leaves has vigorous growth. The great absinthe is often used as a condiment in the dishes, and the leaves are consumed in infusion with honey to treat headaches and digestion problems. They also contain Théophylline, an extract that helps deal with respiratory problems that are difficult to manage. 

50 seeds - Average germination: 30%

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