10 Graines Arbousier, Arbre à fraises, Arbutus unedo

10 Graines Arbousier, Arbre à fraises, Arbutus unedo

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Arbousier, strawberry tree, Arbutus Undo |

TheArbousier or Common Arbousier (Arbutus UNDO), sometimes called strawberry tree, is a species D 'shrubs or small trees of Family of ERICACEAE, which pushes throughout the Western Mediterranean periphery but also in the north of Oriental periphery. Son Fruit is called Arbouse. This species is considered pyrophilic2.

10 seeds - stratification in cold weather for 1 month before sowing - rusticity: - 10 ° C

The Flowers White-Verdâtre, in the shape of white bells, hang in clusters and appear in September-October, at the same time as the fruits.

The fruit, orange red at maturity, is a bay fleshy, spherical, with rough skin, covered with small conical tips. However, it should not be confused with the Chinese strawberry (Myrica Rubra), very similar but which has a nucleus. It is a edible fruit, without very pronounced taste, which is mature in winter. It is rich in Vitamin C.

The flesh is soft, a little floury, tangy and sweet, and it contains many small Pencins. The Fruits take a year to mature. It is not uncommon to see the same branch carry the flowers of the year and ripe fruits born from the flowers of the previous year.

This plant is rich in tannins. Its fruits are eaten raw or cooked in the form of Marmelades and Jams as well as Liqueurs. Wood, with a very fine grain, is used in marquetry and to make turned objects.

The red brown bark is Diuretic. In Decoction, SA Racine is used againsthypertension. It is attributed to him anti-inflammatory properties. Arbutus is also effective against rheumatism. The leaves, bark and fruit are deemed astringent, and effective in stopping Diarrhea (taken in decoction)6.

It is an essentially wild plant in France ; However, it is also used as ornamental shrub7. It is quite widespread in the parks and gardens of Spain, but its presence increases in France, especially in Paris4. In this ornamental context, where its dimensions are generally more reduced, it is often called " strawberry tree " or " strawberry tree "8.

The arbousing is a slow growth tree, rustic up to −15 ° CIt multiplies by SENIS or COUTURATION.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Arbousier by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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