10 Graines Canneberge à gros fruits, Vaccinium Macrocarpon

10 Graines Canneberge à gros fruits, Vaccinium Macrocarpon

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Big fruits cranberry, American Cranberry, Macrocarpon vaccinium |

The Large Fruits Cranberry1 (Vaccinium Macrocarpon Aiton) is a species of the family of Ericacea. It is a carpeting shrub that grows in a humid environment, in the east of theNorth America. Like several species of the same Genre, it gives Red Fruits COMESTIBLES called Cranberries or Airelles.

10 seeds

It is a caring shrub, with fine branches. The Leaflets persistent 1 to 2 cm long are oblong, whole, dark green and become bronze in Winter.

In been, the flowers campanulated from 5 to 10 mm, pink, divided into four narrow lobes are carried by fine peduncles. They hang on the axils of the leaves, alone or in bouquets of two to ten.

It carries Bays spherical dark red, with tangy taste, from 1 to 2 CM in diameter. They are larger than those of cranberry alone which also grows in Europe : Vaccinium oxycoccos4.

Much appreciated in the form of juice, dried fruit, jam or sauce. In Canada, the Atocas sauce is traditional at Christmas.

At Quebec, where it is also called Atoca or Ataca, it is traditionally consumed in jam. Today, it is cultivated industrially in cranbergers, landscaped land which, like rice fields, can be detailed for culture and especially for harvesting which takes place by flotation of berries. The main destination for production is juice, very rich in Vitamin C. This is what made it known in France. The main production is done in the United States[réf. souhaitée].

The updating of Systematic journals Scientific publications by Cochrane collaboration does not recommend cranberry juice for the prevention of repeated urinary tract infections6.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Big fruits Cranberry from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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