20 Graines Mimosa sensitive Mimosa Pudica

20 Graines Mimosa sensitive Mimosa Pudica

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Mimosa Sensitive, Mimosa Pudica |

The Mimosa Poudica is an indoor plant cultivated for ornamental purposes, with beautiful flowers and leaves that fold in when touched them.

20 Seeds - Average germination: 60% 

The Mimosa Pudique (Mimosa Poudica) is a creeping plant of 10 at 40 CM high (being able to in nature a little more A meter1), belonging to the family of Fabaceae (and formerly to Mimosaceae), originally from tropical America and largely naturalized around the world.

It is known to French Antilles under the names of Manzelle Marie, Marie-Honte, Herbe Mamzelle or Hontenuse female2, atMauritius and Reunion under the name of Sensitive or deceives death, in New Caledonia under the name of Sensitive.

This so -called “A42] sensitive species ” is often used in the laboratory as Model species for the study of the mechanisms of Perception in plants ; Like the Sainfoin oscillating (Codariocalyx Motorius), it was notably at the beginning of the 20th century by Jagadish Chandra Bose.

It is a wooden -based grass, with slender herbaceous rods, creeping or ascending, thorny, sometimes climbing3. The plant turns out to be very thorny at the adult stage.

The foliage is normally persistent, provided with alternate leaves, composed and bipennées.

The leaf is typical with its long petiole (3 at 6 cm) bearing at the end 2 pairs of Pennes (sometimes a Only) very close together, each of these penns comprising from 15 to 25 leaflets from 6 to 10 mm long, very irritable.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Sensitive by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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