20 Graines Buisson ardent, Pyracantha angustifolia

20 Graines Buisson ardent, Pyracantha angustifolia

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Burning bush, pyracantha angustifolia |

Pyracantha Angustifolia is a species of Shrub of the Family of Roses known by the names of Firethorn with narrow leaves , [1] Firethorn thin and Firethorn woolly . The flowers are white and produce small Penpes round and can be orange to red. These fruits are Astringent and Amers, which makes them non -edible for humans, but they constitute a food source for birds. Leaves, fruits and seeds contain of hydrogen cyanide , source of bitter taste. [2] The stems and branches have sharp thorns. This shrub is cultivated and cultivated in courses and gardens like ornamental plant. It can be used to make hedges for home safety. This species is from China but was introduced in North America and in Australia . It is an invasive species to Hawaii and in other regions.


20 seeds - Rusticity: - 15 ° C - Dip the seeds 24 hours in the water before sowing to 18/20 ° C

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