5 Graines Acacia faux-gommier, Acacia tortilis

5 Graines Acacia faux-gommier, Acacia tortilis

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Acacia Faux-Gommier, Vachellia Tortilis, Acacia Tortilis |

Vachellia tortilis, theAcacia Faux-Gommier, is a species of the family of fabaceae. Long considered belonging to Genre Acacia, its genre today recognized byAPG III is Vachellia3,4. It is a species of trees resulting from African ( (Sahara and southern Africa) and Arabian Peninsula Derbic. It constitutes an essential resource both for wild animals such as antelopes and Giraffes as for domestic animals such as Dromedaries but also for rural populations Who feed on its seeds, use its wood and take advantage of its medicinal properties.

5 seeds - sowing at 20/35 ° C - does not support frost/little rustic - 7 ° C

Manual scarification, which consists in the removal of a few mm² of the seed of the seed using an abrasive paper, a nail cutting (until the appearance of the white flesh of the seed under the integument).

It is necessary to scarify far from the Hile of the seed.

Acacia Faux-Gommier is a thorny tree of the arid land of Africa who can reach up to 21 M high for certain subspecies, but in the case of the subspecies Raddiana The tree reaches a height of 10 M5. Vachellia Tortilis SUBP.raddiana has a Y silhouette with a fairly characteristic convex  .

The flowers of Vachellia Tortilis are grouped into small Capitules globular white to yellowish white, attached to the end of a Pedicelle 0.4 long at 2.5 CM. The diameter of these capitules is between 0.5 and 1.1 CM. The anatomy of the flower is quite simple, a chalice Ciliolio as well as a Corolle with acute lobes. TheAndroecée is made up of multiple stamens elongated. The Gynécée is made up of a unicarpal ovary and devoid of hair6.

The diversity of fruits is quite large among the different subspecies of Vachellia Totilis. A distinctive character remains common to all these subspecies : The form of the pod in tortillon6. These pods dry late, or even, in some cases, do not dry at all. These same pods can be glabrous (case of subsp. Raddiana) Hairy (Cases of Subsp. Spirocarpa)7. The variety present in the phenotypes fruit is a factor allowing the determination of these different subspecies.

Vachellia Tortilis is a widely used species in Africa. Its 4 recognized subspecies are distributed over relatively distinct areas from South Africa to Algeria and Egypt to the north. It is also possible to find Vachellia Tortilis in Southwest Asian countries such as Israel (Palestinian territories) and southern Arabia.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Vachellia Tortilis from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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