10 Graines Grenadier, Punica granatum

10 Graines Grenadier, Punica granatum

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Grenadier, Punica Granatum |

Grenadier, Punica Granatum

10 seeds - Medium germination: 60%, dip 24 hours in water before sowing

The common prenadier or grenadier (punica granatum) is a fruit tree of the family of lythrraceae, cultivated since the most High Antiquity for its Fruits edible ( Grenades) and for the ornamental qualities of its large flowers.

It is a small Monoic tree Self - fee with shrub that can reach 6 M high.

He can live up to 200 years but is the most productive fruit in his 20 first years of fruiting.

Its bark is beige gray and tends to crawl and design with age.

Its generally deciduous leaves, even if certain varieties are persistent under certain climates1, are opposed and measure 3 to CM Long on 1 to CM wide.

Its bright red flowers measure 3 CM in diameter. They appear in three waves from May to August2. The fruits of the first flowering are those with a better rate of Nouaison (90 %) and which give the largest fruits3. Only 1/3 of the flowers gives a fruit because 2/3 of the flowers are male.

Its fruits, the grenades, are Bays yellow to orange -red containing on average 600 luscious seeds. The color of the fruits does not indicate the degree of maturity of seeds. Indeed, certain varieties give very red epiderms long before maturity. According to varieties, fruit maturity is reached between 5 and 8 Month after the first flowering.

The species well tolerates limestone and saline soils and a light dryness, which can however negatively affect the weight and quality of the fruits. It can withstand short gel periods (up to −15 ° C) but prefers dry climates. In the wetland, the pomegranate is struggling to fruit, because it needs hot weather throughout the fruit period, otherwise it is attacked by fungal diseases which it does not recover.

The fertilization recommended in the Vergers Palestinians is 200 KG/HA D 'Azote, 60 KG/HA DE Phosphorus and 300 KG/HA of Potassium14[source insuffisante] or a NPK of 10-3-15. It is to be modulated according to the type of soil.

It is recommended to regulate watering especially at the end of the season in order to avoid bursting of fruit (which can occur for example after a dry period followed by large rains). Once a fruit is burst, it rots from the first rain.

The size of the grenadier consists in eliminating the discharges which tend to give the tree a bushy port but most often we keep a multiple trunk of 4 to 5 Tiges that are limited to around 4 M Height to facilitate harvest. As with all fruit trees, a weeding at the foot followed by a mulch is recommended to avoid competition on irrigation and nutrients[réf. nécessaire].

An adult tree can produce 40 to 50 kg of fruit or 20 to 30 Tons by hectare.

The fruit can be preserved for several months between 3 ° C and 6 ° C.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Common Grenadier of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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