10 Graines Wasabi, Wasabia japonica, Eutrema japonicum

10 Graines Wasabi, Wasabia japonica, Eutrema japonicum

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Wasabi, Wasabia Japanica seeds, EuTrema Japonicum |

The Wasabi (山葵?, pronounced in Japanese : /WÁStoBì/, Litt. " Rose Homemade mountains "), or EUTREMA JAU Japonicum is a species of Plants of Genre EUTREMA (or Wasabia) found in Asia. This species is from Japan. It belongs to the family of Brassicaceae, such as Moutarde and Raiefort, and its rod is used In the form of a paste as Condiment in the Japanese cuisine. The other varieties of'Estrema Japanicum, the most widespread on the market, are E. Japanicum (Daruma, 达磨) and E. Japanicum (Mazuma, 真 妻). By extension, the term wasabi designates in French both the plant and the condiment.

10 seeds

The Wasabi is a perennial plant of the same family as the Moutarde and the Raiefort. It belongs to a tribe Botanique (EUTREMEAE) closer to mustard and Chou (Brassiceae) and Cresson (Cardamineae)4. The natural distribution area of  Wasabi extends from the island of Sakhalin to that of Kyūshū3. It naturally grows on the banks of the streams, rivers and sources located on the fresh mountain slopes.

We use the stem, a kind of Japanese, green horseradish, with extremely strong taste, less strong, however than that of Western horseradish, but much more spicy.

The Wasabi is used mainly to raise the Nigirizushi (the cook in place a small nut between rice and fish) and Sashimi (Japanese dish of raw fish). Originally, it was used in the kitchen for its antibacterial properties. In general, it decorates the dishes of fish or meat.

We also find, under the name of wasabi peas, peanuts, peas of green soy or peas grilled and coated of a paste made up of Ersatz of Wasabi and of origin Thai. The Japanese also do so with green soybeans.

In Japan, different Pastries and Sugaries (candy, ice cream) are also scented to Wasabi.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Wasabi from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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