Graines Vitex agnus castus Albus, Gattilier blanc

Graines Vitex agnus castus Albus, Gattilier blanc

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White pepper tree, VITX AGUS COUTUS ALBUS, white gattiller |

Thetree with Pepper, or Gattilier (Vitex Agnus-Castus), is a kind of shrubs belonging to family of Verbenaceae according to the classical classification, or that of Lamiaceae according to the classification Phylogenetic.

5 Seeds

It is a bushy-leaf shrub with compounds-alovers and Inflorescences in epis of small purposes.

Vigorous and rustic, it can reach 1.5 to 2 M high, even much more for elderly subjects and in good conditions : Pierre Lieutaghi CITE, in His work The book of trees, shrubs and shrubs, Gattiliers reaching 10 meters high for 1 meter of tower and more1.

Its flowers in fine Panicles are blue in August-September. The Gattilier is Mellifer.

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