5 Graines Concombre Cornu d'Afrique, kiwano

5 Graines Concombre Cornu d'Afrique, kiwano

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Corned African cucumber, kiwano, cucumis metulifer |

Corned African cucumber, Kiwano is an annual vine of The family of cucumbers and melons, its fruit has thorns in the shape of a horn, hence "Cornu". Mûrs fruits have yellow-orange skin and lemon green flesh, similar to jelly with a tangy taste of banana, cucumber and lemon, with a texture similar to a cucumber. It can be consumed at any stage of maturation.

5 Seeds

Cucumis metulifer is a species of tropical plant of family of Cucurbitaceae.

Son Fruit, Kiwano is edible. It is also called Métulon, Melano, Cornu cucumber from Africa or Melon in Corne. In Guadeloupe he is called Paroka. It is fromAfrica andArabia (Yémen).

The fruit of this cucumber is orange in color. It measures approximately ten centimeters. The innerrior of the fruit is green and contains many seeds, its pulp is slightly sticky. The juice has a taste for banana and kiwi, even cucumber or raspberry.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Cucumis Metulifer by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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