10 Graines If commun, Taxus baccata

10 Graines If commun, Taxus baccata

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TheIF common (or if to bays), (taxus baccata), is a species of conifers No Sécouxes of the family of Taxaceae. Very lonely, slowly pushing, it is a tree that lends itself well to the waist. It is sometimes called If to Baies. It is one of the toxic plants.

A stand of Ifs is called Ivaie. These stands have become rare. They are protected underHabitat priority in Europe. Ivaies are sometimes Ripicoles and some were or are still (in Algeria for example) of Sacred Woods1.

10 seeds - Stratifying cold Seeds during 12-18 months before sowing

Common IF can reach 25 meters high5, but most of the individuals are smaller. Its shape varies according to the place and the light it has, with an irregular and a short and knotted trunk from which branches leave a few centimeters from the ground. Bush shapes are also frequent (and it is easily cut).

The fluted trunk has a brown bark with reddish brown (sometimes very dark or even purple). This bark is quite fine and scaly (generally detaches in thin scales). The twigs are flexible and green at least the first year6. The leaves are slightly soft needles, dark green platforms above and lighter green below. Most measure from 20 to 35 MM7. The needles are inserted in a spiral around the shoots.

IF is a species Dioic : the flowers of the male, yellowish feet produce in spring a pollen pale yellow, abundant and fairly heavy (rounded or ovoid grains of 27 µm in diameter on average 8 (15 µm according to another source9).
Flowers of female feet are greenish and form fleshy, bright red : the “ arils ” which, formerly were consumed in Jam. Only the flesh of the fruit is not toxic7. Sweet, the fruits are consumed by birds which reject the seed in their excrement, which contributes to the dissemination and reproduction of the species. The toxic seed is not digested by these animals, but it is fatal for the mammals that would chew it.

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