5 Graines Pin maritime, Pin des Landes, Pinus pinaster

5 Graines Pin maritime, Pin des Landes, Pinus pinaster

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Maritime pine, Landes Pin, Pinus Pinaster |

Maritime Pin, Pin des Landes, Pin de Bordeaux, Pin de Corte1 or Mesogean Pin (Pinus Pinaster), is a species of Conifers of Family of Pinacea. It is sometimes confused with the PIN D'ALEP or Calabria pine.

5 seeds - direct sowing at 16/18 ° C

It is a tree which can reach 30 M high (generally 20 to 30 M), which matures around 40 or 50 years old and which can live until 500 years.Bark, pale gray in young subjects, becomes reddish then reddish-black over the age. Thick, it creates with the years and the rhytidomas form great scales. The Maritime Pin Trunk is " Flexueux  ": it presents curvatures in different directions. The needles, thick and rigid, are grouped by two (Speaks) . Their transverse section has a semi-circular shape. They are 10 to 20 cm long, are persistent, dark green and shiny in color. The base of the two twin needles is surrounded by a sheath. They become wild beasts, then fall. They decompose very slowly and form a thick litter at the foot of the tree. Young trees have a fairly regular, conical shape. The oldest, striking at the base, have a more dispersed Houppier, an irregular, rather flat and spreading top. The rooting is first plunging, then tracing.

Maritime pine appreciates an exposure in full sun, in ordinary soil but still non -limestone (species Calcifuge ; the presence of limestone in the soil causes a chlorosis). It has a good adaptation to acidic soils (Podzols, sands dunes) and poor (species oligotrophic), or evenHydromorphy (for individuals from provenance Aquitaine) ; He prefers deep, well -drained soils, on which growth is faster. Maritime pine requires annual precipitation of 800-1000 mm. It tolerates temperatures above 40 ° C for a long period but does not support the very rigorous and durable cold (USDA zone 7-10). Its typical habitats in France are sempervirent Mediterranean woods, the Landes of Gascogne, and the sandy areas in general. Avoid planting it on rich Limono-Sable soils and agricultural land (more suited to Pinus Taeda) where it has shape defects and is very sensitive to the attacks on Trunk Pyral (Doryctria Sylvestrella). It is also sensitive to strong frosts (especially individuals of Portuguese origin) and the breakage of branches.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Pinus Pinaster by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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