5 Graines Arbre bouteille, Kapokier, Ceiba speciosa

5 Graines Arbre bouteille, Kapokier, Ceiba speciosa

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CEIBA SPECIOSA is a species of trees in Family of Malvaceae, à Folillage Caduc, originally from tropical regions and subtropical ofSouth America, where it is known as Palo Borracho (Drunk stick) or árbol Botella (bottle tree). These nicknames refer to the shape of the trunk, bypassed in its upper and strongly ventrue in its lower part. In addition to the ornamental quality of its large pink flowers, this tree is cultivated for its wood, for the cottony fiber that surrounds the seeds and for the oil obtained from the latter.

5 seeds

The original area of  CEIBA SPECIOSA covers northeast ofArgentina, east of Bolivia, the south-east of Peru, Paraguay,Uruguay and the south of Brazil. It resists drought and moderate cold.

6 To 12 meters high (although it can reach 25 meters in certain conditions), Ceiba Speciosa has a characteristic bottle -shaped trunk, covered with large conical thorns, which can reach 2 meters in circumference. The trunk is green in young trees, then becomes gray with age. The leaves, deciduous, are made up of five to seven large leaflets.

Ceiba Speciosa flowers from January to May in the southern hemisphere. Its large flowers, 10 to 15 cm in diameter, recall those of theHibiscus. They are creamy cream in the center and pink on the outskirts of the five petals.

The fruits are in the form of large eggs (20 cm in diameter) and contain large seeds surrounded by a cottony and fibrous material.


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