50 Graines Marguerite commune, Leucanthemum vulgare

50 Graines Marguerite commune, Leucanthemum vulgare

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Marguerite Municipality, Leucanthemum Vullere |

 Marguerite or Marguerite Commune (Leucanthemum Vullere) is a herbaceous plant VIVACE of the family of Asteraceae.

50 seeds

It is a plant on a tuft in tuft, with erect, wrinkled stem, with petiolate basal leaves, and with crenellated engaging caullees (while those of the Pâquerette have 4 to 7 teeth per side). The Inflorescences are large CAPITULES Aux Ligules White around the yellow center, itself composed of many small sessile or flagship flowers1,2.

It is found in the meadows, shoulders, light wood, on a slightly acidic limestone substrate ; It is a very common plant throughoutEurope even in the northern regions except in Spitzberg.

We multiply the Marguerite by sowing in March-April or by division of the tuft at the same time or at the end of flowering. She loves an ordinary land, even poor and well drained. It supports limestone. She likes the sun. This plant flowers in June and July when it is at least 2 years old. The Marguerite flower is simple, white and has 20 to 30 petals. It is used in bouquets. Maintenance consists in limiting its extension in rich terrain. In favorable terrains, this plant quickly becomes invasive.

The Marguerite is very rustic and can withstand water stress. The Mouche de la Marguerite is subservient to this Marguerite ; its larvae feeding on the seeds in formation, in the capitule3

In the kitchen : The root was consumed raw in salads in XVIIe century in Spain. The young shoots and the fresh leaves of Marguerite, with a slightly peppery aromatic taste and not very sweet, are consumed raw in salad or cooked in vegetables. The floral button is consumed raw or as capers4.

In Phytotherapy : dried flowers are used in infusion. The Marguerite has antispasmodic, calming, digestive, astringent properties just like the camomile which is from the same family. In some regions it was one of the Herbes of Saint-Jean5. The Marguerite is also used, such as Pâquerette, in the game ofstripping of the Marguerite.

In the Flower language, the Marguerite symbolizes benevolence6.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Marguerite Commune by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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