30 Graines Chrysanthème à carène Cockade

30 Graines Chrysanthème à carène Cockade

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Chrysanthemum to Carène Cockade, Chrysanthemum Carinatum, Ismelia Carinata | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Chrysanthemum at Carène Cockade

Ismelia Carinata , Chrysanthemum Tricolore , [2] Marguerite Tricolore , [3] or annual chrysanthemus , is an ornamental plant Originally D 'North Africa which is cultivated as a garden plant and grows as a grass in California. [4] This is the only species of the genus Ismelia . It has been hybridized with related species of Argyranthemum to create cultivars from Marguerites de Jardin 

30 seeds - Photo 2: germination in 4 days in greenhouse 25-30 ° C


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