50 Graines Tanaisie commune, Tanacetum vulgare

50 Graines Tanaisie commune, Tanacetum vulgare

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TANASIE Municipality, Tanacetum Vulgare |

The common tansia (Tanacetum vulgare), often called tansie very short, is a herbaceous plant vivace of the Family ofAsteraceae , of Eurasian origin, very common in Europe.

in the wild

50 Seeds Due to a high content of essential oil, this plant is very fragrant as soon as it is affected or crumpled. It is - in high doses- Toxic and psychoactive . This Odor is known, at least since theMiddle Ages 1 to repel certain Insects andMites . A neighboring species, the annual tansia(Tanacetum annuum ), more specific to the regionsMediterranean , has been tested as a source of Chamazulnene( An antioxidant molecule)3.

&Nbsp;It is a large herbaceous, perennial, aromatic plant with erected rods reaching a meter, with finely divided leaves (pennatilobed), with toothed segments, with yellow flowers arranged in umbels. The flowers are made up of all identical flagships, grouped in capitules.

In the shape of buttons. There are many Chémotypes of Tansie characterized by their odor and named after their dominant component. We find for example the chemotypes atCamphre , atBorneol , atCinéol.

Etc. This plant contains neurotoxic molecules in high doses, with then psychoactive, laxative effects (with stomach aches). As the large and small AbsinthesorArmo ise , C ' is a bitter tonic (its bitter principle istanacetene [A1111] ).

Its flowery tops were used as deworming but in prudence, this use is no longer recommended because one of the constituents of their essential oil with camphorous odor, the beta -Thuyone (one of the two isomers of Thuyone), is toxic (abortive and neurotoxic epileptic and convulsive, and provoking disinhibition sensations with very high doses possible hallucinations)16.

Rather, sheets are used, prepared in Infusion, with relatively low doses17 were deemed to have votic properties, Antispasmodic and FEBRIFUGES.[source insuffisante]

During the second half of XXe century, a decoction of this plant (known as Tansy Oil) was used by women (especially in the United Kingdom) to cause the ' Arrival of Rules, generally for to interrupt a pregnancy.

This plant (Botanically close to Pyrethres, is also Insectifuge, moving away by its odor the ants, the Mites, the Puces, The Bushings, the otiorhynoques, the Doryphore predator of Potato18, La Torders with oblique bands, North American butterfly whose caterpillar sometimes wreaked havoc on roses and many fruit trees of the family of Rosaceae (such as apple trees, Poiriers, Fishermen)19, The Pyral Acrobasis Advenella20, Le Colaopter Aethina Tumida21, the disparate bombyx (Lymantria Dépar, which has become locally invasive and considered as a problematic pest in certain feuillues forests of the northern hemisphere, Chênaies in particular), and vs. It is then used in bags of sheets andInflorescences dried. The fresh plant can also be used directly, for example as a repulsive against ticks, you can rub the wrists, the neck, the ankles with a sheet, including theOdd ticks and mosquitoes22. Aqueous extracts and various components of essential oil have been active against various insects14.

In arboriculture Pulverization of flower infusion can be used against aphids

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