20 Graines Senna tora, Cassia Tora

20 Graines Senna tora, Cassia Tora

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Senna Tora, Cassia Tora |

Senna Tora, Cassia Tora

20 seeds

Senna tora is a species of plants of the family of fabaceae, subfamille of caesalpinioidea. Its name comes from the Singhalese  " Tora " (තෝර). Its culture is very old and its origin unknown, although probably located in South Asia. It is often confused with Senna Obtutasifolia.

Senna Tora is an annual plantwhich reaches 30 to 90 centimeters high, with alternate leaves, bearing opposite, oboval leaflets. The flowers are grouped by two, and are made up of five yellow petals. The stamens are of unequal size. The fruit is a vegetable 10 to 15 cm long and has between 30 and 50 seeds.

Senna Tora is traditionally used for its various medicinal properties1 (ophthalmic, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.).

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