10 Graines Billardiera heterophylla, Sollya heterophylla

10 Graines Billardiera heterophylla, Sollya heterophylla

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Billardiera heterophylla, Sollya heterophylla |

Billardiera Heterophylla (formerly Sollya Heterophylla ) is a species of flower plant of the family of pittosporaceae, known by Common name of Climbing plant of the hyacinths . [4] It is Originally of Western Australia, but is cultivated as ornamental plant in appropriate climates around the world. We can sometimes find it pushing in the wild as as an introduced species or Garden escape, for example in other Australian states [5] [6] [7] and in California, [8] where It is popular in the landscaping.. It is sometimes considered a bad grass.

10 seeds - direct sowing at 18/20 ° C - Rusticity: - 5 ° C

It is a  Climbing shrub with vine -shaped branches that wrap around other plants to support each other. The leaves are shiny green on the upper surface and measure 10 to 60 millimeters (0.4 to 2.4 inch) long and 2 to 22 millimeters (0.1 to 0.9 inch) wide .  Inflorescence is a single hanging flower or a group for up to five flowers. The flower has five petals up to 1 cm long which can be white to dark blue or pinkish blue. The fruit is a Bay reaching 3 cm (1 in) long with luscious flesh and many seeds. Violed green cylindrical fruits in the shape of a sausage (up to 20 millimeters (0.8 in) in length) are initially densely hairy, but become smooth as they ripen. 

This plant is a widely cultivated and popular garden plant, and has been available in Australia and the world for at least 100 years (seeds being available in Jamaica in 1887). [10] In Australia, in the temperate regions of Victoria , of Australia-Meridional and of Tasmania , it has become a serious environmental grass. [10] It produces an abundance of seeds, which germinates easily after a fire or a disturbance, and it is also believed that they spread by native animals that eat the seed, which not only takes the plant to new sites, But the seed germinates more easily after ingestion. [dix]

This plant won the price of merit of the Jardin de la Royal Horticultural Society in 2013.


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