30 Graines Rhododendron arboreum, Gurans au Népal

30 Graines Rhododendron arboreum, Gurans au Népal

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Rhododendron arboreum, burans, laligurans, gurans in Nepal |

Rhododendron arboreum, the rhododendron tree, [1] is a shrub with persistent leaves or a small tree with a display of bright red flowers. It is found in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Thailand. It is the national flower of Nepal. In India, it is the shaft of the state of Uttarakhand and the flower of the state of Nagaland.

30 Seeds (very fine) - Rusticity: - 5 ° C

Its specific epithet means "to have tend to be woody or to push in a tree structure". It was recorded as reaching heights of 20 m (66 feet), [2] although more generally 12 m (39 feet) high and wide. This plant holds the Record Guinness of the largest rhododendron in the world. The tree discovered in 1993 in Mont Japfü in the District from Kohima to Nagaland , in India , holds the record Guinness of the highest rhododendron at 108 feet (33.2 meters) and also 3.5 feet (106 centimeters) thick at chest height, [3] measured at the time of the discovery which is still growing.

At the beginning and in the middle of spring, clusters of 15 to 20 bell -shaped flowers, 5 cm (2 in) wide and 3 to 5 cm (1 to 2 in) long are produced in Red , pink or white. They have black nectar pockets and black spots inside.

Rhododendron arboreum prefers a wet, but well -drained, leafy, richness soil, rich in Acid, in the spotted shade. He has large dark green leaves, from 7 to 19 cm (3 to 7.5 in) long, with a silver, fawn or brown coating below.

This plant is suitable for wooded gardens.

A shelter is imperative to prevent the wind from damaging the leaves.


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