2 Graines Pivoine en arbre, Paeonia suffruticosa

2 Graines Pivoine en arbre, Paeonia suffruticosa

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Peony tree, shrub peony, paeonia suffritalosa |

Arbustive peony or peony in tree or Pivoine Moutan (Paeonia suffriticosa) is a shrub of the Paeoniaceae family, originally from the center of China. It is well known as an ornamental plant since it has been cultivated for about 1,500 years in China and two centuries in Europe but its wild shape has remained very enigmatic and the object of intense and uncertain research until today. Westerners only first learned of this peony through cultivars imported from China to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

2 Seeds - Hot stratification 18/20 ° C for 3 months then stratification in cold for 3 months - Rusticity: - 20 ° C

The term " shrub peony " (or " arborescent peony ") can designate either a plant of the complex Paeonia suffriticosa or, as opposed to herbaceous peonies, a plant of the subgenre Moutan, comprising 8 species (P. Delavayi, P. Jishanensis, etc., see Paeonia) and their Hybrids.

PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSA is a shrub of 1 meter 50 in height with gray brown stems and long lifespan (from 30 to 60 years and in culture over 100 years)6.

The bottom leaves are binted, with long oval or oval leaflets, with both glabrous faces. Some lateral leaflets are 2- or 3-hobs, the terminal leaflet is deeply lobed with lobes again 2- or 3-hob.

The flowers are solitary and terminal, simple in the wild form, 10 to 17 cm wide. They include 5 bracts, elliptical, unequal, 5 green , unequal, unequal, 5 to 11 petals (in the wild) white, Roses, red or purple, observed, with an irregularly incised apex, many stamens with pink or purple nets and a disc completely wrapped in the carpels inAnthnesses. Flowering is held in the months of April-May.

The fruit is made up of 5 Follicles, oblong, densely tomentious, brown yellow.

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