2 Graines Sapindus mukorossi, Savonnier indien, Noix de lavage

2 Graines Sapindus mukorossi, Savonnier indien, Noix de lavage

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Egaval ed xioN ,neidni reinnovaS ,issorokum sudnipaS |

Sapindus Mukorossi is a kind of trees in the sapindaceae family. The fruit is commonly known as washing nuts (Washnut) or as that of Indian Savonnier (Indian Soapberry)3, and, like the other species in The Genre Sapindus, it is called Savonnier or the Savonnette Tree, for its soap nuts. He is also from the west of the Maharashtra - Konkan coast, and Goa in India. Sapindus MUKORROSSI, known as Ritha or Tree Reetha in Nepal4,5, It is a deciduous tree, which grows in the lower buttresses and the median zones of theHimalaya6, up to an altitude of 1200 meters7. It is reasonably tolerant of the poor quality of the soil, they can be planted around farmers' dwellings8, and one of these "ritha" trees can produce 30 to 35 kg of fruit per year9.

2 seeds- scarification of seeds with sandpaper + 24/48 hours in lukewarm water, sowing temperature at 25 ° C

The tree, about ten meters high, has a greyish bark that cracks with age. Its port and slender, compact and dense, with rounded pea. Its foliage, originally persistent, is deciduous in Europe, dark green, mat viring in golden yellow in the fall. The leaves are pennée from 20 to 50cm, 8 or 13 alternate oblong foliales-lanceoles. Flowering takes place from the end of spring to the summer (May to July), the flowers, yellow, are tiny (+ or - 3mm) to 5 petals and many stamens which are united in terminal axillary panicles.

The small globular fruits, non -edible greenish yellows, at maturity saw the translucent orange and are sticky. These saponiferous fruits are called 'washing nuts'. Inside the shell, a black and shiny toxic seed. The first fruiting only takes place on adult trees around 7 to 10 years10.

The nut contains compounds of saponin, which gives it natural cleaning properties, and, therefore, nuts can be used as shampoo for hair washing, and also skin and clothes. These saponins are also useful such as insecticides, for purposes such as the suppression of head lice out of the scalp.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Sapindus Mukorossi from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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