10 Graines Salsepareille d'Europe, Smilax aspera

10 Graines Salsepareille d'Europe, Smilax aspera

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Salsepareille d'Europe, Smilax Aspera |

 Salsepareille or Salsepareille d'Europe (Smilax Aspera L.) is a species of Plants Monocotyledons of family of Smilacaceae. It is sometimes called thorny binding. We consume young shoots and, as well as several other plants in Genre Smilax, Elle is used for its medicinal virtues.

20 seeds 

La Salsepareille d'Europe is a sub-armrisseau or Liane VIVACE. It measures from 1 to 3 M high and has a voluble, woody, Sarmenteuse and thorny. Its alternate, persistent, shiny, pine -shaped leavesare in the shape of a heart or spades, and equipped with two stipules transformed into twists and turns. The Limbe Coriace is traveled from 5 to 7 traced ribs pseudo-purallelon joining at the top, but, exceptional for a monocotyledone, united by a network of secondary ribs. The edge of the blade is thorny.

It is a Dioic plant, with small flowers, yellowish white, united in small umbels. The fruit small and globular, sometimes oval, resemble redcurrants, are dark red. The plant contains saponins.

Flowering, very fragrant, takes place from August to October in the Mediterranean region. Fruits mature in November-December.

This plant can be confused with the Common Tamier (Dioscorea Communis), but the latter has a thorn -free rod.

Like medicinal plant, it was used against rheumatism and certain skin diseases (eczema, Psoriaisis), against Flu,Anorexie or gout.

It has an action Diuretics and Diaphoretics, because it activates circulation. Only its Roots are used.

Salsepareilles have been imported from New Spain to XVIe - XVIIe centuries, as medicinal plants. The doctor of Seville, Nicolas Monardes (1493-1588), who said it very similar to our Salsepareille4, did not know that he was 'acted with different species (Smilax Aristolochiifolia Mill.5, Smilax febrifuga, Smilax Regelii).

It contains Phyto-Stterols and forms of steroid, we therefore think that it plays on the levels of Testosterone6.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Salsepareille d'Europe by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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