40 Graines Sarrasin commun, blé noir, Fagopyrum esculentum

40 Graines Sarrasin commun, blé noir, Fagopyrum esculentum

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Common buckwheat, black wheat, fagopyrum esculentum |

The buckwheat (Fagopyrum eSculentum, Moench) is a species of flower plants, annuals, de la Family of Polygonaceae, cultivated for its seeds intended forHuman food as Animal.

40 seeds

Despite its current name of black wheat, buckwheat is not a kind of genus TRITICUM (Genre grouping the varieties of Blé), or even a species of grasses. It is devoid of Gluten, which makes it difficult to use pure in Breakage (Black bread) or for the making of Pasta. Buckwheat is often considered a cereal although it is not one, it is then qualified as pseudo -cereal4.

It is known under various common names : buckwheat, buckwheat, black wheat, barbarism wheat, bucail or bucaille, carabin, but also wheat black in certain sources of XVIe century.

The buckwheat is an annual plant with an erect stem, from 20 to 70 CM of height, with reverse heart -shaped leaves, rather soft.

The higher leaves are sessiles, while the lower leaves have a fairly long petiole .

The flowers, small, white or pink in color, are grouped in tight bunches. They bear eight stamens and three styles.

As in the others species of Genre Fagopyrum, there are two floral morphologies : these are distly species.

The Fruits are Akenes with three angles, which contain only one Graine. Their maturation is very staggered, which makes the harvest rather delicate.

Rich in Proteins, the seeds contain all AMINICAL ACIDES essential6 ; In addition, they would have many properties for food.

It is a highly nutritious grain, moreover rich in soluble fibers and compounds antioxidants.

It is a cleaning plant that limits the presence of invasive plants by occupying the soil. Associated with mycorrhiza, its roots mobilize large amounts of phosphorus and calcium. It can serve as a service plant to accompany the early layouts of clover, luzerne, or even rapeseed37.

Easily rising, stifling the weeds, sensitive to frost, buckwheat is considered an excellent green fertilizer and used as covered38. It must be sowed at the very beginning of summer and destroy it before the maturity of the seeds

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : article Common buckwheat from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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