10 Graines Estragon mexicain, Tagetes lucida

10 Graines Estragon mexicain, Tagetes lucida

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Mexican tarragon, Mexican mint, Tagetes Lucida |

The Tagète Lucida or Yauhtli des Azteques or even Mexican tarragon is a herbaceous plant Odorant from Mexico, Can reach a height of 50 CM. Its opposite, oval and serrated leaves are punctuated by small glands containing an essential oil. This medicinal plant is also used for its Entheogenic properties1.

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Considered a medicinal and sacred plant, the Aztecs called the Tagète Lucida " Yauhtli " or " Herb of clouds " and they affirmed that the plant stimulates the rules and cause abortion2. Molded with cocoa, the plant lowered the fever3. According to the Aztecs, the Yauhtli relieves those who have been frightened by lightning and those who have lost their heads. Tagète Lucida was closely linked to Tlaloc, God of rain. Consequently, the Aztecs reduced yauhtli to powder in order to use it as incense for Tlaloc. The priests also used the plant to blow it on the face of men who were going to be sacrificed in fire2.

Today, the ritual use of tagète Lucida still continues among populations Huichols who sometimes mix tagète Lucida with a tobacco of the species Nicotiana Rustica in order to reach Visionary states1.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Tagetes Lucida by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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