20 Graines Sauge Rouge, Salvia miltiorrhiza

20 Graines Sauge Rouge, Salvia miltiorrhiza

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Red sage, dan-Shen Miltiorrhiza, Salvia Miltiorrhiza |

Chinese sage, Dan-Shen Miltiorrhiza, Salvia Miltiorrhiza,

20 seeds

Salvia Miltiorrhiza (Chinese: 丹 參; Pinyin: Dānshēn), also known as Red Sage, Chinese Sage, Tan Shen, or in Hen, is a perennial plant of the Salvia genre, very appreciated for its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. [2] Originally from China and Japan, it grows at an altitude of 90 to 1,200 m (300 to 3,940 ft), preferring grassy places in forests, hills and along the banks. The specific epithet Miltiorrhiza means "Red Ocher Racine".

S. Miltiorrhiza is a perennial with deciduous leaves with branched stems from 30 to 60 cm (0.98 to 1.97 ft) high, with very spaced leaves which are both simple and divided. The inflorescences of 30 cm (0.98 ft) are covered with hairs and sticky glands. The flowers grow in verticles, with light purple corollas with lavender blue of about 2.5 cm (0.082 ft) long, with a dark purple chalice. Salvia Miltiorrhiza prefers well-drained floors, with about half a day of sun. It is rustic at around 10 ° C (14 ° F). [9] Most Salvia seeds have a higher germination rate when exposed to light, although they are not necessary[10].

Alone or in combination with other Chinese medicinal plants, Salvia Miltiorrhiza was used in China and, to a lesser extent, in other countries as treatment for various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. [6][11] A 2007 COCHRANE study on the use of in HEN for acute ischemic strokes revealed that the evidence was of poor quality and that there was no evidence of advantages. [13] Similarly, a 2008 cochrane meta-analysis revealed that clinical trials on in Hen were of poor quality and that they were insufficient to make a judgment on its effectiveness in people with a heart attack. [14] The meta-analyzes of oral and injectable forms of inhen in people with angina of chest concluded that the effects of treatment were not conclusive because the studies were of poor quality and that the conclusions were not not based on solid convincing data. [15]


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