30 Graines Chia, Salvia hispanica

30 Graines Chia, Salvia hispanica

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Chia, Salvia Hispanica |

 Chia, pronounced /ˈT͡ʃI.A/, (Salvia Hispanica) is an annual herbaceous plant of the Lamiacae family, originally from Mexico. This sage was cultivated for its food seeds atpre -Columbian era by the Amerindian. The Seeds of Chia, which were one of the bases of the food of several former peoples of Mexico, also served for medicinal purposes and as offerings for the gods Aztecs1.

30 seeds 

After being ignored for centuries, these seeds have drawn the attention of nutritionists for their high lipid content (25 to 38 %) comprising a high content of alpha-Linolenic acid (from the group Omega-3)2. Since the end of the 1990s, a commercial culture has developed in several regions of America and Australia, to provide seeds to dietetic stores in developed countries.

The term Chia derives from Chiyan designating the sage Salvia Hispanica in Nahuatl3, the language spoken by Nahuas. It is a female genre name.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Chia (plant) from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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