10 Graines Lilas de Mandchourie, Syringa oblata

10 Graines Lilas de Mandchourie, Syringa oblata

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Manchuria lilac, Syringa Oblata |

Syringa Oblata is a species of the genus Syringa , of the family of Oleaceae . It is also known as Lilas with early flowering or of large leaf lilacs . 

10 seeds - Average germination: 20%

  • Height: shrub or small tree up to 3.5m or 5m. 
  • Tiges : can be Glabres , Pubescents or Pubérulent (with fine and tiny hairs). The shoots are glabrous.
  • Leaves: ovals -orbicular to reniforms , often slightly wider than long, measuring 2.5 -10 (sometimes up to 14) cm x 2, 5-8 (sometimes 15) cm. The leaves range from pubescent, villeuses or glabrescents (losing the hairs with age). The basis is truncated to Subcordée or largely Cuneiform , with a suddenly acute long -standing Acuminé . The leaves are colored well in the fall, often turning into shades of red in autumn.
  • Flowers: Panicles are lateral, congestioned, cowardly or erect and measure 4 to 16 (sometimes up to 20) cm x 3 to 8 (sometimes 10) cm. Pedicelle up to 3 mm long, and can be pubescent or glabrous. [2] The corolla measures approximately 1.3 cm long and 1.7 cm in diameter, [3] and varies from purple to lilac, [2] [3] and sometimes white ; The tube is subcylindrical and measures 0.6 to 1.7 (sometimes up to 2.2) cm long. [2] The chalice is slightly acorn. [3] The lobes are oblong to obovals -orbicular or oval -orbicular and measure 4 to 8 (sometimes 10) mm, spread. Antèresare yellow, inserted in the tube of the corolla 4 mm from the mouth. [3] Flowers appear earlier than any other species of Syringa , [4] from April [3] to May [2] [3] and June. 

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