50 Graines Pensée sauvage, Viola tricolor

50 Graines Pensée sauvage, Viola tricolor

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Wild thought, Viola Tricolor | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

The Wild thought or tricolor thought (Viola Tricolor) is a  of herbaceous plants, commune throughout Europe, of the family of Violeceae. She is sought after for the delicacy of her flower.

It is the ancestor of cultivated thought. The term thought is prior to the beginning of the culture of thoughts. It was an alternative denomination, which referred to the symbolic meaning of the Violette, according to the Language of flowers.

50 seeds

Wild thought is a small herbaceous, even dwarf plant. SA Racine is of the type Rhizome with fine Radices[réf. nécessaire].
The rod is creeping, it remains at ground level, from which leave the leaves and the floral shaft, it is glabrous, sometimes fluffy and is branched. It has a tendency to crawl and reaches grandeur from 10 to 30 cm.

The plant does not have a rosette of leaves at the base, unlike some other violets, such as Viola Hirta.
The leaves are therefore, Conversely, Alternate. They are petiolated, at Limbe oval, oblong or lanceolate and with more or less crenellated margins. The stipules are often quite developed, at least those of the upper leaves. These stipules are palmatilobae or palmatized.

In herbal tea, she calms the nerves and lowers the fever. And as an ointment, it fights various skin diseases such as acne, eczema and dry skin.

The leaves and flowers can be used in decoration. Flowers can for example decorate a salad or brighten up a dessert.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Viola Tricolor of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

Virtues: treats itching, colds causing fever and sore throat. It also has purifying, choleretic and calming properties.

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