10 Graines Epinette noire, Picea Mariana

10 Graines Epinette noire, Picea Mariana

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Black Epinette, Picea Mariana |

Theblack spruce or black epicéa or black sapinette (picea mariana), is a species of conifer Common in the northeast of United States and especially in Canada.

10 seeds - Average germination: 70% - Sowing direct

This is one of the nearly 40 species of spruces, and one of the most resistant to rudy climates (Taiga) of the Arctic. It is for this reason the symbol of the Boreal forest of America, where it grows until the limit of Tundra.

She is sometimes the victim of important attacks of vanishing insects , which the tree generally supports, if they do not repeat more than 4 or 5 years consecutively. Forest fires (natural or human origin) are another factor of disruption of stands.

The black spruce has a tuffu pyramidal port. It is bushy and packed (6 to 8 m high[réf. nécessaire]) in areas where the climate is the most harsh, and arborescent and slender (20 m high[réf. nécessaire]) in the areas that He suits him, with increasingly drooping branches with age.

Its branches are rough and its chip bark.

The cone is small, purple in color, turning light brown to maturity.

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