Graines Épicéa rouge, Épinette rouge, Picea rubens

Graines Épicéa rouge, Épinette rouge, Picea rubens

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Red spruce, red spruce, Picea Rubens |

TheRed spruce or Red epicéa (Picea Rubens) is a tree (conifer) belonging to the family of Pinaceae and to the genre PICEA (known as spruce in North America and spruce in Europe) native of theNorth America. Its quality wood, light but resistant, is widely used as a building wood, for construction, and also for the manufacture of paper pulp and rope musical instruments (guitar, violin).

10 seeds - direct sowing at 15 ° C

Red spruce is a kind of end of succession, that is to say it occupies a preponderant place in the last stages of the establishment of a natural forest. It is very tolerant in the shade and can easily resume vigorous growth after decades of domination by neighboring trees. This generally occurs thanks to a thinning in the forest cover via a disturbance like a partial chablis. Red spruce is a medium -sized tree up to 26 M high and 60 cm in diameter1. This tree can live up to 400 years.

Its slim and scaly bark is brown in color with pale reddish, and its branches are orange. Its needles are yellowish green, they are shiny (shiny), measure from 1.2 to 2.1 cm and their section is quadrangular.[réf. nécessaire]

In Canada, its first current use is the exploitation, often in Shake cut, for the production of pulp. The spruce has long been used for the frame (solid, available, right, and light wood). The essentials of black spruce is produced by distillation of the harvested needles. The essential oil is mainly made up of the following acetate compounds of Bornyle, Alpha-Pinnes, Camphene, Beta-Pinnes. It takes approximately 1 kg of needles to obtain 10 ML of essential oil. This essential oil is mainly recognized for its tonic, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties[réf. souhaitée]. We also collect spruce gum, which we make a refreshing and effervescent sweet liquor called spruce beer, a very used drink in New France from the beginnings of the colony11.

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