10 Graines Cyprès du Cachemire, Cupressus cashmeriana

10 Graines Cyprès du Cachemire, Cupressus cashmeriana

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Cashmire cypress, Cupressus Cashmeriana |

The cypress of Bhutan or Cypresses du Cashmire is a tree of the family of Cupressaceae, originally from the east ofHimalaya (Bhoutan and adjacent zones ofARUNACHAL PRADESH in the northeast ofIndia). He pushes there at altitudes between 1 250 and 2 800 m.

The specific name Cashmeriana, " of Cashmire ", is explained by the fact that the species was first discovered in this region, although it n '' There is not in the wild, in 1838 by John Forbes Royle, British botanist attached to the India Company.

It is a Conifer medium to large size up to 20 to 45 m high, rarely much more, and a 3 -meter trunk diameter. The foliage pushes in branches clearly crying very fine, flattened, blue-green in color. The leaves are in the shape of scales 1 to 2 mm long, and up to 5 mm long on the main shoots ; Young trees, up to five years old, have a juvenile foliage formed by flexible needles 3 to 8 mm long.

The female, ovoid cones, 10 to 33 mm long by 10 to 30 mm wide1, are made up of 8 to 12 scales. They are dark green becoming dark brown with maturation, after 24 months after pollination. The cones open at maturity to release the seeds.

The male cones, which are 3 to 5 mm long, release their pollen in early spring.

Individuals with up to 95 meters high have been recently reported (2005 Farjon), but the measures must be verified. If it is confirmed, it would be the largest tree inAsia.

The cypress of Bhutan is theNational Tree of Bhutan, where it is often associated with religious sites ; It is widely planted around monasteries and temples.

It is a tree commonly used for ornamental  , both in its original area and in all regions of temperate-chaud climate. Many among cultivated trees are selected varieties, especially with brilliant blue color foliage and weeping port.

10 seeds Average germination: 20%

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license. Source: Article Cypress of Bhoutan by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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