5 Graines Magnolia de Virginie, Magnolia virginiana

5 Graines Magnolia de Virginie, Magnolia virginiana

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Magnolia de Virginie, Sweetbay, Magnolia Virginiana |

The Magnolia de Kobé (Magnolia Kobus) is a kind of Magnolia from Japan and sometimes cultivated in temperate regions. It is a medium-sized leafy tree (8-15 m) with slow growth.

5 seeds - Stratification with cold 3/4 months before sowing, ideal seed temperature 18-20 ° C -  Rusticity: -15 ° C

Two varieties of Magnolia Kobus are recognized :

  • var. Borealis is a 25 m high tree, with leaves 15 cm long.
  • var. KOBUS is a 10 m high tree with leaves 10 cm long.

Mr. Kobus is classified in the Magnolia Yulania sub-genre.

The Magnolia of Kobé (or Kobishi) is closely linked to Magnolia Stellata and certain authorities consider Stellata as a variety of M. Kobus, M . Kobus Var. Stellata.

The Magnolia de Kobé has a gray-brown trunk at maturity, while new stems are green with small brown spots.

They give white fragrant flowers with notes of pale pink in early spring. The flowers are produced before the leaves, like most members of the Magnolia Yulania sub-genre. Young trees do not flourish.

Kobé Magnolia's summer foliage is dark green. The leaves have an oval shape with a pointed end, a smooth, or glabrous surface. The interior and edge of the sheet are smooth.

In autumn, the leaves take a yellow color and fall from the tree.

The fruit of the Kobé Magnolia grows in a cluster of 3 to 8 cm filled with small orange seeds at maturity. These seeds attract birds.

Kobé Magnolia prefers full sun, a rich and well -drained soil, and tolerates acid soils.

It can be propagated either by sowing or by cutting but by sowing, the first flowering may require more than 10 years.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Magnolia de Kobé of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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