20 Graines Érable sycomore, Acer pseudoplatanus

20 Graines Érable sycomore, Acer pseudoplatanus

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Sycomore maple, Acer pseudoplatanus |

TheSycomore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) is a species oftrees of the family of AceracedA 11] Frequent in Europe. It belongs to the section ACER of Classification of maples according to De Jong (1976).

20 seeds - Sowing: Cold stratification for 40 to 90 days 

It is a rapidly growing tree in the first years, and which easily rejects stump when it is cut. The Sycomore maple should not be confused with the neighboring species Acer Platanoids, thePlane maple or Platane maple whose tips of the leaves is more sharp. According togear1 Sycomore maple would be more sensitive to CIME disease but less demanding in light and less Xérophile than the Plane maple. It is sometimes called False plane trees, Grand Maple, or Mountain maple, more rarely White maple.

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