20 Graines Figuier des Pagodes, Ficus Religiosa

20 Graines Figuier des Pagodes, Ficus Religiosa

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Sacred fig, ficus religiosa |

The Pagoda Figuier, or Pipal (Scientific name Ficus Religiosa) (in Sanskrit : Pippala1), is a species of genus trees ficus (family of moracée). In Védique texts, it is called Ashvattha. In Buddhism This is theBodhi tree. It is a tree Sacred inHinduism and Buddhism2.

20 seeds Average germination: 25 %

Pipal is a large tree semi-sempervire having a maximum height of 30 meters approximately3, with a trunk with the diameter going up to 3 meters. The leaves have a heart shape, with a characteristic elongated end. They have a length of 10 at 17 CM and a width of 8 at 12 CM, with a petiole of 6 at 10 CM. The fruit is a small fig of 1 at 1.5 CM in diameter, becoming purple while ripening.

Pipal is a foreign figure.

It is naturally present in India, at Bangladesh, in Nepal, in Pakistan, at Sri Lanka, In the southwest of China and in Indochina.

The oldest pipal in the world could well be a tree that has been brought fromIndia from the North to Ceylon in 288 BC. AD and who in 1852 still lived, which then made him 2 147 years

Ficus Religiosa is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

It is a sacred tree for Buddhists. " The tree of Bodhi " The most famous is found at Bodh-Gaya, about 100 Km of Patna, in theIndian State of Bihar, because it is under its foliage that Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, A reaches Bodhi, Supreme Awakening or Knowledge (Lit. Lightening).

This tree is one of four holy places of Buddhism ; It is therefore a destination very frequented by pilgrims. It adjoins the Temple of the Mahabodhi at Bodh-Gaya. While it meditated under this tree (mentioned as Ashvattha in Tipitaka), Siddhartha Gautama reached Nirvâna. Consequently, the BO or tree of wisdom is considered sacred and symbolic by Buddhists.

Its leaf is a classic decorative pattern.

ForHinduism, this tree also has a religious dimension. Its leaves and branches used to serve in Vedic sacrifices5. According to Indian mythology, the God Vishnu was born under one of these trees, and the Sage Nârada saw the Lord appear " in his heart ", While he meditated under such a tree6. Finally, the sound of the wind in its leaves is compared to that of the Vînâ. It is also possible that a ceremony takes place under this tree during marriage.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Pagoda Figuier by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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