5 Graines Bois noir africain, Peltophorum africanus

5 Graines Bois noir africain, Peltophorum africanus

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African black wood, crying acacia, peltophorum africanus |

The Acacia Patureur ( Peltophorum Africanum) is a tree with flowers semi- Caduques with deciduous reaching approximately 15 meters high. He is from Africa south of the Ecuador. Their yellow flowers flourish on the ends of the branches in erect and showy sheaves. 

5 seeds - Stratification with hot water 90 ° C 5 seconds, then pour cold water, Let the seeds soak in hot water 24/48 hours before sowing.

In the spring, it may happen that water flows from the branches of the tree, a phenomenon caused by the Cancelius Circope Grossus . The immature stages of these cervics gather on young shoots and pull their food by sucking the sap of the tree. In doing so, they secrete pure water, which is the cause of the "crying" effect. Other common names include Rhodesian black wood , African black wood , Acacia African, False African Acacia , Acacia Rhodésien and The Rhodesian Black Acacia . [2] It is called Huilboom (that is to say the weeping tree) in Afrikaans, due to the effects of the bug.


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