15 Graines Tilleul argenté, Tilleul de Hongrie,Tilia tomentosa

15 Graines Tilleul argenté, Tilleul de Hongrie,Tilia tomentosa

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Silver linden, linden of Hungary, Tilia Tomentosa |

The Silver linden (Tilia Tomentosa), also called Tilleul de Hungary, is a tree of the family of Tiliaceae, or Malvaceae, Subfamille of Tilioideae, according to the phylogenetic classification. It is a species originating in the east of the Mediterranean basin. Resistant to pollution, it is often used as alignment tree in cities.

15 seeds - cold stratification for 7/12 months before sowing
Originally from the banks of Black Sea and Caucase, it is present in many urban parks.

The silver lime can reach 12 metersS 20 years, and 25 to 35 meters high in adulthood. It has faster growth than other lime trees. It is very resistant to drought and pollution1.

Its flowering takes place at the end of July. Its flowers are arranged in false umbelle by 2-6 on a leafy bract.

Its oblique heart -shaped leaves have a pubescent surface (tommenting, cottony) and are silver on the underside2.

The Cultivar 'Brabant' presents a strong, well centered trunk, a symmetrical and conical crown, which makes it an ornamental tree very widespread all over Europe.

The cultivar 'petiolaris' (weeping) is different by its long petioles of 4–8 cm long and its falling leaves ; It is sterile, its origin is unknown. It could be the result of hybridization with another species of linden3,4. Cultivated in the United Kingdom, Tilia 'Petiolaris' obtained a Award of Garden Merit awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society5.

These are those of all Tilleuls.

The dried flowers, with properties sedative, are used in herbal tea, alone or in mixture. The leaves are emollients.

A Infusion based on flowers of T. Tomentosa is antispasmodic, Diaphoretics and Sedative6. These actions can be attributed to the presence of active pharmacological elements receptor of benzodiazepine (GABAAA receptor)7.

The glycerin macerat of Tilia Tomentosa is a homeopathic preparation traditionally used in the treatment of stress, nervousness and sleep disorders.

Of all lime trees, silver is the richest in these calming substances (of polyphenols and Essential oils9) which make its flowers take in herbal teas before the evening before to go to bed10.

According to Pierre Rasmont of theUniversity of Mons (in Belgian Hainaut), in a Summary Note on the mortality of Villageers by Tilia Tomentosa11 In 2010, “ The first detailed reports on the question are those of Madel (1977)12 and Pfiztner (1978)13 ».

  • Pfiztner, in 1978, had counted in one day in an alley of 102 Tilleuls Silled to Linz, 250 Bourdons and 358 Bees Domestic Dead on the ground13.
  • Donath, in 1989, explains that he has in Germany (GDR) found 3 893 Bees and dead Bourdons, very mainly under Tilia Tomentosa, but as well as less than hybrids Tilia X Euchlora, and more rarely under two native lime trees, T. Platyphyllos and T. Cordata.14
  • Mühlen et al. (1994) note that other insects are affected (228 "other" insects for a total of 5,117 insects Dead, including 532 Bees domestic and 4 557 Bourdons).
  • Illies, in 2005, account (during an experimental study) 1,653 corpses de Bourdons and 284 D'Abees domestic under Tilia Tomentosa (against 39 Bourdons and 11 Domestic bees below Tilia Platyphyllos and Tilia Cordata)15.

Contenu soumis à la licence CC-BY-SA 3.0. Source : Article Tilleul argenté de Wikipédia en français (auteurs)

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